By Thepuremassacre

Just a note on Reviews. I am not a critic nor do I pretend to be. I have no background in Film, Journalism, Literature, Film History, Writing or anything remotely related to Film reviewing (other than beer drinking and chain smoking). With that said I have watched and do watch a ton of horror films (and to a lesser extent Action and Sci-Fi) and my reviews are actually just my own personal thoughts regarding a film put to pen; not some well thought out and concise film school snobbish dissection of a movie and how it parallels the human psyche or represents the bleak state of society. I’m more interested in a flick if it scared the shit out of me or if I was grossed out when that guys head got ripped off or if I laughed at the crappy acting. That’s it. Nothing bigger or more meaningful than that. So bear with me here and if you don’t like them don’t read them.


Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption
A Serbian Film
Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door
The ABC’s of Death
The Oregonian
Wrong Turn 5:Bloodlines
Silent Hill Revelations
Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead

Coming Soon

Human Centipede 2
The Divide
The Burning
The Day

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