Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead Review…..Kinda

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Mimesis. Another NOTLD film.


– Imitation, in particular.
– Representation or imitation of the real world in art and literature.

– mimicry – imitation

Just the other day I found myself posting about this flick; bitching infact, another reincarnation of the Romero classic. I stumbled across Mimesis on Youtube and posted a quick synopsis about the film accompanied with the trailer; reminding myself to track it down and watch it. In the meantime (and with zombies on the brain) I trolled crackflix and came across Night of the Living Dead 3D, which I watched in total disinterest (ya it’s not good, not at all). My short wait was over as I browsed iTunes and found Mimesis under the new horror releases. Bingo. In the time it took me to smoke a few cigarettes and drink a coffee, I had Mimesis; Night of the Living Dead downloaded in bloody HD splendor.

Mimesis Night of the Living Dead

Russel and Duane

The opening sequence of the film has a farmer in a secluded farmhouse (reminiscent of the NOTLD original) discovering a “zombie” gut munching his wife in the master bedroom; the original B&W Night of the Living Dead is playing on an old TV set in the living room. Nice. Straight in, headfirst, I like it. We move quickly to the opening credits, which show various people and events at a horror convention; Sid Haig (the unforgettable Sid of such films as House of a Thousand Corpse’, The Devils Rejects and the aforementioned Night of the Living Dead 3D) plays a horror film director giving a talk at the conference, ranting on about how some fans want more than just film; they want to taste the horror (foreshadowing methinks). Russell and Duane (hapless attendants of the convention) are invited to an invitation only party, by an alluring young woman, Judith (Lauren Mae Shaffer). The two are drugged (apparently by way of alcohol) and wake up in a setting eerily similar to the Night of the Living Dead film, unwilling participants in an elaborate and insanely gruesome role playing scenario.

Mimesis Night of the Living Dead

Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead. Russell.

Now if you took the time to read my cleverly placed definition of the word Mimesis (top of the page), then you can guess what the film is about at this point. Long story short; a bunch of horror freaks conceive of, and execute a highly complex recreation of the film, Night of the Living Dead; where they play the role of the zombies and the victims, well, they play the role of the victims (against their will ofcourse). The premise is a unique and refreshing change of pace after the previous (and upcoming, see NOTLD: Reincarnation), utterly disappointing, attempts at reinventing the film. Kudos to writer/director Douglas Schulze and writer Joshua Wagner.

Lets have a look at the “zomibes”. Deranged horror fans dressed up and sporting gray face paint, stumble about sluggishly acting out their deranged fantasies. They are “shamblers”, they are “runners” (when the need arises) and they don’t spread infection. The “zombies” in Mimesis are twisted and brutal killers; tearing at and consuming human flesh as if they were the undead. This alone sent a chill down my spine; more so than any zombie ever could. Watching human beings feasting on the guts of another human is a horror all it’s own. More poignant by the fact that it is all for the love of film. Cwazy.

Mimesis Night of the Living Dead

Mimesis Zombie

The violence and gore was fairly standard for this type of flick. Some skin tearing here, some gut munching there and some dismembering thrown in for good measure; good solid zombie brutality. Mimesis pays homage to the original classic, while not following to closely or straying too far to come off as a complete failure. The “zombies” used weapons here and there, which for me really detracted from the general idea set forth in Mimesis. Overall the film had a promising new approach to a tired old hat, but ultimately failed to deliver. It had it’s moments, definitely, but I would only recommend this film for hardcore NOTLD fans.


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