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Why do we watch horror flicks….for the killing, the blood, the guts, the gore and to a lesser extent the scares. The third segment of Crazy Ass Horror Film Deaths (lol) includes a non horror flick (how dare I) but I think it fits in nicely. Anyway check it out, love it, hate it, whateva. […]

10 Disturbing Search Terms on My Blog

Posted: 24th March 2013 by Thepuremassacre in Lists
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As with all bloggers (I assume), I check my stats fairly frequently; most times to see how a post has performed. I also tend to look at search terms quite often, and some of the results are just downright disturbing. Some make me laugh, others make me scratch my head in confusion and others just […]

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How many horror films exist? I would hazard a guess and put the total in the thousands. Good, bad, classic, gory, scary, weird and funny; most horror flicks have a line or two of dialogue that stands out. Some are instant classics that define the film and the character and some are just downright stupid. […]

6 Awesome Zombies

Posted: 19th February 2013 by Thepuremassacre in Lists, Zombie
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Who the hell doesn’t like zombies these days? It seems that zombies are the new black. Hell even my kids love em. I think what most people don’t realize is that your average garden variety zombie is nothing less than a decaying, undead, disease ridden cannibal intent upon one thing…..Feasting on your fucking flesh (or […]